The Birthday Party by Ronald & Juanita Destra



Title: The Birthday Party

Author: Ronald & Juanita Destra

Release Date: 29 July 2017

Publisher: Destra World Publishing



This is a great story for young readers, a delightfully fanciful picture book that appeals to kids and adults alike.

The Birthday Party is a book about a young Hebrew boy who turns twelve, but he believe everyone has forgotten his birthday including his parents and friends. He is disheartened by his friends and family not caring about his birthday, having to go through a hectic day while his friends are avoiding him in school not knowing they are planning to throw his the best surprise party ever!

Can his parents, Johnny and other friends pull off the best birthday party ever? Or will their surprise party turn to disaster?

Find out in this stunning story with an unforgettable reading experience that readers will want to pass on to others.

Pick up your copy today!

~ Teaser ~

I woke up early in the morning. I was so eager to begin my day. This day, today is my birthday, and I am so excited. Yes, today, I turn the big twelve.

I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I even made my own breakfast. I was a big goy, and I wanted to start my birthday off by doing something for myself.

The school was exactly one and a quarter mile from our house. I decided to ride my bicycle.

Get your copy @Amazon  And enjoy it with your kids! 

 ~ About the Authors ~

ronAbout Ronald:

Ronald Destra is a children book author, illustrator, publisher, entrepreneur and husband who resides in Florida.

He has published six children books and is a co-founder of Destra World Books Publishing, LLC. His passion is to help children learn that they do have a purpose in life and to never give up no matter what life throws at them.

Find out more about him @

workAbout Juanita

Juanita Destra is a medical field worker, author and publisher. She is the co-founder and CEO of Miami-based Destra World Books Publishing, LLC

The company provides professional literary services to authors and business owners. Their company specializes in book, eBook, audio book publishing, marketing, editing, promotion, graphic design and much more.

Find out more about her @

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The Raw, Bold Truth by Joan Hammersmith

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Title: The Raw, Bold Truth

Author: Joan Hammersmith

Release Date: 14 August 2013

Goodreads | Amazon 


When John B. died on January 26, 2001, he died sober. That was his greatest desire. In “The Raw, Bold Truth,” author Joan Hammersmith, Johnny B.’s widow, finishes the story John himself started in the late 1990s before he passed away prematurely. In this memoir, Hammersmith narrates the real story of the real Johnny B.-the man he was and the man he became.

John’s goal was to tell the story of his life: his childhood, filled with abuse, grief, and dysfunction; his struggles with mental health issues; his prison experiences; his addictions; and the journey of his recovery, including the tragic episodes of his relapses. “The Raw, Bold Truth” tells of John’s legacy as a leader, teacher, father, grandfather, friend, and husband.

Hammersmith then shares the story of her relationship with Johnny B., a multi-racial, ex-con biker who struggled to find final recovery from his past and his addictions before he took his last ride to seek his Creator. A compelling story of love and redemption, “The Raw, Bold Truth” communicates that recovery from addiction is possible, but it requires rigorous honesty-something John found only in death.

 ~ About the Author ~

author pic

Joan Hammersmith is a writer, blogger, and consultant who earned a bachelor’s degree in education from the Unveristy of Saskatchewan. Hammersmith and her present husband live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and share a large blended family.

Find more about her @

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Dream Diary by Ben Sheldon

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Title: Dream Diary

Author: Ben Sheldon

Release Date: 26 August 2016

Goodreads | Amazon 


Ben Sheldon’s diary, which he kept over many years, takes you on a series of fascinating, fantastic, and unusual adventures that he enjoyed–or suffered through–while sleeping.

He also shares the dreams of a former roommate, Adrian, who he lived with from 1971 to 1973.

Sheldon recorded his own dreams shortly after waking up, and he’d listen to Adrian’s tales during morning chats while they were fresh in his memory. Some of the dreams are hilarious, others are disturbing, and some are downright unusual.

In one dream, Adrian is at a party when he passes Sonny and Cher having sex on top of a piano. The scene irks him so much that he says, -How could you do this, with all these people watching?- Sonny nonchalantly continues with his sex act, but they both seem bored. Cher is even chewing gum and blowing bubbles.

In another dream, the author finds himself in a drug-infested ghetto. All of a sudden, someone rushes over to him trying to give him -a fix.- He stumbles around before leaving in a hurry.

Whether you study, interpret, and evaluate dreams or want to enjoy a series of unexpected adventures, you’ll love the Dream Diary

 ~ About the Author ~

author pic

Ben Sheldon earned a bachelor’s degree in England and a master’s degree in the United States. He was an assistant editor for a national technical magazine and is also the author of two novels, two poetry books, and a book of jokes. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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